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About Taste of Texas Barbecue, Inc.

Down in Texas , folks don’t hurry around the way they do elsewhere. That explains why our barbecue is made very, very slowly – cooked for 18 hours in custom-built smokers.

How is our barbecue made? First, start with the finest cuts of lean corn-fedTexas beef and pork. (Down here in Texas, we know a thing or two about cattle.)

Then, our barbecue is slowly cooked over hickory wood – we think any other way ought to be outlawed.

Top it all off with our Secret Barbecue Sauce (the recipe for it nearly started a gunfight) and you have a barbecue meal that will tickle your taste buds.

Although our barbecue is smoked the old-fashioned way, it is still inspected by the FDA using the highest standards in the world, meaning that the barbecue delivered to your doorstep is as fresh and wholesome as some of the finest restaurants in Paris. (Paris, Texas of course.)

Then, our barbecue is vacuum packed to lock all the flavor and aroma in and is sent via Federal Express (for free!) to arrive at your doorstep. Read the easy-to-follow preparation instructions, and you are set to go.

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