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Different Kinds of Brisket

Types of Brisket:

Boneless beef briskets for barbecuing can be found at your favorite grocery store or meat market in many merchandised varieties. The most commonly used brisket for barbecuing is called the "Packer Trim Beef Brisket" This brisket has very little fat trimmed off of it. You can also find what your meat departments label as a "Boneless Market Trimmed Whole Beef Brisket". This brisket variety has been trimmed through the length of the brisket, in order to give provide a leaner whole brisket to customers who are seeking such a brisket. This particular trimmed brisket is usually about $ 2.69 per pound. As you look at the trimmed whole brisket, you will notice that it can be cut into 2 equal pieces.

The Boneless Flat Cut Beef Brisket is the "bottom half" of the brisket. This part of the brisket is the leanest and thinnest part of the brisket. The top part of the brisket or the "Point Cut" is the thickest part of the brisket. Although this is the most marbleize and fattest part of the brisket; however it is definitely the most tender part of the brisket. Your flat cut brisket will cost about $ 3.29 per pound, while your point cut brisket is about $ 2.59 per pound. Not all meat departments will have these briskets in their meat counter, but don't be afraid to ask them to cut you one. They should be more than happy to cut you one.

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