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How to Choose a Smoked Sausage to Barbecue

Usually within the lunch meat section of any meat department you will find several varieties of smoked sausage. Pricing on smoked sausage range from $ 1.49 per pound up to $ 3.00 or $ 4.00 per pound.  They all look about the same, however there is a great deal of difference with each sausage variety.

The ingredients label and the weight of each package will aide you in making your decision. On all ingredients labels, the products that are being used start with the product that is of the highest amount in the sausage, and the last ingredients is the product with the least amount of ingredients with that sausage package.  Don't let the preservatives scare you. They are there to help the sausage be wholesome and fresh when you buy it.

Check your expiration date very carefully. Close dated meats should send up a red flag of caution.  Your cost per pound usually is an indicator of the quality of sausage that you are purchasing.  If you see that the ingredients in the label says pork & beef, this tells you that what two meats that are used in that sausage. It also tells you that the first meat used ( pork) is the main meat used in that sausage package.

We recommend pork and beef sausage that is smoked with hickory or oak woods.

Too much work? Try our hickory smoked pork and beef susage!