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How to Prepare a Boneless Brisket for Barbecuing

Get one:

At your favorite grocery store or meat market, find a boneless fresh beef brisket that has a weight range from 10 - 13 lbs. This boneless brisket is called a packer trim brisket. It means is that there is very little fat trimmed off of the meat prior to vacuum packing the brisket for sale. The more fat layer on the brisket, the less flexible it is. Don't be afraid to bring home a huge brisket. You can always cut it in 2 or 3 pieces and carefully wrap and freeze it.

Prepare it:

Once you get your brisket home, put refrigerate it immediately. 2 days prior to cooking your brisket, pull the brisket out of the refrigerator and carefully open it in a clean sink. Allow the brisket to drain for about 2 minutes. Carefully mix or purchase your favorite bbq seasoning and rub the seasoning on all areas (front + back) of the brisket. Let it sit in your refrigerator for at least 2 days to allow the seasoning to absorb into your brisket.

Too much work? Try our hickory smoked beef brisket!