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How to Smoke Ribs

Texas Style Smoked Ribs:


Purchase your fresh pork spare ribs 2 days prior to your desired cooking date.

Rub your favorite bbq seasoning on both sides of the rib. Make sure that the complete rib has seasoning on it.

Let the ribs set for 48 hours under refrigeration. This will allow the spice of your barbecue seasoning seep deep into the pork ribs.


For the best tasting results use hickory or oak wood.

If your smoker or barbeque grill has a temperature regulator, set the temperature at 220 degrees Fahrenheit with a cooking time of about 40 minutes per pound of ribs.

Check the temperature of the thickest part of the rib with a meat thermometer.

Pull the ribs at 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rib Substitutes:

Two great substitutes for pork spare ribs are the pork baby back ribs, and the country style pork spare ribs.

You can figure on spending about $2.00 per pound for whole pork spare ribs, $3.00 per pound for baby back pork spare ribs, and about $1.99 per pound for the country style pork spare ribs.

Too much work? Try our hickory smoked pork spare ribs!